Supporting Our Vets and Raising Awrareness

Operation Fill the Boot was organized by Damien Gunn and Ben "Squirell" Kelley back in 2015. 

As of the time of this posting, 2018, the BOOT has helped raise over $36,000 and continues to grow at ever show. 

Veterans Suicide Hotline

Guys, this is my personal message to you that is thinking about committing suicide. Please take a moment out of your thought and think to yourself, "I am going to LIVE ONE MORE SECOND. I am going to TAKE ONE MORE BREATH. I am going to LIVE ONE MORE HOUR."

Please do this and chant this. And while you are doing this, please call a friend, family member, or the hotline that can help you STAND DOWN. If you need, reach out to me on my social media and if I can, I will personally talk with you. Please, give this a try before you make the ultimate final decision. 

God bless you and STAY THE MISSION.