Damien Gunn - The Story

Damien Gunn Band has been around for a while now. Let's talk about the beginning of this country rock and roll bands journey.

Back in 2010, the members of this band consisted of friends that were put togther from a opportunity of a great artist on Doc McGhee Entertainment by the name of Drew Davis. They had played for a while together but when the  travel shows were not scheduled, a new band was born.

The members consisted of Todd Owen (drums), AJ Cronk (guitar, vocals), and of course, Damien Gunn (bass, vocals), then and affectionately called WOO. 

The songs were being written with the air of a more rock and roll flavor with all the elements of the message country music has to offer. It was a well together team and songs were high energy and true life inspired.

By 2011, The band was in full swing and the band was called THE MAGNIFICENT BANG BANGS. By then the team changed where a new drummer was added, Tom Winborn. 

The first album was created by Damien and AJ, writing songs and putting them down at their home studio in Kansas City. The album was called THE WHITE ALBUM. The songs were demo quality but fun and exciting. It was the beginning of things to come.

By the end of 2011, there was another change in roster by getting Tommy Herrmann on guitar, which was turned out to be the new main player with Drew's band. The shows were compiling with TMBB and, when not traveling with Drew, the dates were extensive, adding 100 shows the first time out of the gate.

By 2013 new music had been written, and more life experiences influenced the new album content. This album would be released by 2014 and is called AMERICAN MADE. More thought was put into the music, and the edge of the rock guitar sounds permeated though the entire album. This album would be the calling card for a series of shows that would land the band on country music festivals and big stages, as well as opening shows for high profile rock artists. The music would be featured on radio stations and the sales, albeit just at the shows at that time, would sell out the first 1000 units in quick fashion. 

By mid 2015, there was another album being worked on, to be called ROWDY Y'ALL, and it had all the elements of AMERICAN MADE, with a little more "from the heart" songs on it like the song RAGE (P.T.S.D.), which is a song written after the death of a good friend  of Damien's, and who was also a veteran. This was also the start of the donation gather for military organizations that focused on combat wounded veterans that suffered from P.T.S.D. This was the beginning of OPERATION FILL THE BOOT, where with the help of Benjamin Kelly (U.S. Navy), aka Squirrel, they set out on a mission to help those that truly need the assitance with the programs that would help save those in need that suffered from P.T.S.D., depression, and thoughts of suicide. 

By 2016, there was another change in guitar line up, adding Quinn Harvey, a powerful and organic player, to the mix of the band. By then, TMBB had been changed in name, by the suggestion of many industry professionals, as well as the fact that people just had a tough time spelling the word "Magnificent", Now the band was called DAMIEN GUNN & the BANG BANGS.

2018, Damien Gunn Band consists of Damien Gunn, T.J. Ranaghann, Tom WInborn, and Stew Langer. The quartet has been assembled to be the top tier in players, and more so as entertainers.

Damien Gunn is alive and kicking with more albums being produced, and more songs being released. The consummate entertainer, dynamic performer, and tireless worker, Damien Gunn still performs shows and appearances that have triple numbers on the calendar. 

Damien Gunn

Damien Gunn